Buzzfeed – Not so bad after all?

An Article written by me and published on the blog of FEEDS, the official magazine of NIT-Trichy – of which, I happen to be the editor.



No really, wait. Hear us out please.

We wrote this article fully expecting to “blow your mind”with our portrayal of Buzzfeed as the internet’s great evil. But then “something amazing happened and changed our lives (and the universe) forever”

Yes humanity, Buzzfeed -which incidentally has an article (en quote) “The Top 10 DUMBEST Buzzfeed Lists You’re EMBARRASSED To Say You CLICKED” – might not be so bad after all. In fact, Buzzfeed could be the model upon which all content-generating platforms are based on in the future. Sounds dystopic? I would counter by saying that I would take a dystopia of that sort over any of the Hunger Games clones that get published these days. But I digress.

Here’s something to chew on. It was Buzzfeed which worked jointly with the BBC, one of the UK’s most respected news houses, to investigate allegations of betting in the…

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